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There is no better way to preserve the wonderful memories of your event than to create an album

Each album should tell a unique story of a unique event. Whether a wedding, barmitzvah, family photoshoot, or other event, an album should re-live the event every time you look at it.

Ephraim personally designs the layout of each album and will also advise on which pictures to use to best tell the story. 


There is a wide variety of choice when it comes to design, particularly the cover. Each element of the album can be tweaked to ensure you have a memory that you will be happy with for many years. Please find below some examples of what is available.


Cover: Paper/Hard/Silk/Canvas/Leatherette (faux leather)
Size: 8x8" square or 8x11" landscape or portrait
Pages: 15 double-spreads
Further double-spreads @£30

Paper: thick textured paper with picture printed on front.
Hard: well-bound, sturdy, and rigid cover with a sheen, textured surface.
Silk: a stunning full-wrap printed image onto delicate, light woven fabric.
Canvas: a stunning full-wrap printed image with a rustic touch.
Leatherette: an alternate option to genuine leather, the leatherette cover offers an authentic tactile leather-like touch. Available in 29 colours.


Hard cover

Silk cover


Paper cover


Canvas cover

Genuine Leather
£750: 8x11" landscape or portrait or 10x10" square
35 double-spreads
£850: 12x12" square
35 double spreads
Further double-spreads @£30

£820: 8x11"
landscape or portrait or 10x10" square35 double-spreads
£920: 12x12" square
35 double spreads
Further double-spreads @£30

Genuine leather: 100% natural genuine leather comes in a variety of buttery smooth or classic distressed textures. Available in 18 colours.
Crystal: front cover is precision cut on anti-scratch glass


Each album can be carefully tweaked so you get the exact album you want. The main adjustments are size, cover material, and amount of pages. Please complete form below for a precise quote.


With 1.1 to 1.5mm pages, and innovative binding, the albums showcase a core thickness that’s top quality. 

Please fill in the form below to receive an exact quote for your album.


Thank you! I will be in touch asap!

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