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W E D D I N G  P H O T O G R A P H Y 

Monday 11th July 2022

Client:             Mrs Tova Cohen         07813 890 162                                                                                         
Bride:              Shira Russell
Groom:           Aharon Cohen

Kervan Banqueting Suite
Fore Street

Event cover    £2500
To include:
- One photographer - Main - (Ephraim Levine from Ephraim Levine Photography (ELP)) for up to 12 hours starting with groom preparation, including an hour at an outside location after the event has concluded.
- One photographer - 2nd - (Yaffa Judah) to cover bridal preparation and dancing on the women’s side starting with entry of bride and groom.
- To supply unlimited digital images (at least 900) fully edited at high-resolution on three USB memory sticks.


All specific timings as agreed in writing (Whatsapp, text, or email) between the parties.

Overtime is charged at £125/hour.

The Client and ELP agree that Ephraim Levine will provide wedding photography services as outlined above. This is a legally binding contract. This contract represents the entire understanding of the requirements, schedule, and payment terms for the wedding photography services outlined above. 

The Client agrees to retain ELP for the services outlined above by signing this wedding photography contract and paying a non-refundable deposit of £200. The Client acknowledges that no confirmation can be made prior to the signature of this contract and subsequent payment of the initial non-refundable deposit.


The remaining balance for the above-listed wedding photography services shall be paid in full by the end of the wedding on Monday 11th July 2022. No images, save for low-resolution, water-marked ‘teaser’ images sent via Whatsapp, will be given to the Client unless the remaining balance has been paid in full.

The 2nd photographer requires full payment of £700 prior to the event. This can be paid directly to Yaffa Judah or ELP.

The Client may cancel this contract at any time. To do so, the Client should send a written cancellation notice via either email or Whatsapp. The Client will forfeit the initial non-refundable deposit in case of cancellation.

If ELP should be unable to be present on the day of the wedding for whatever reason, ELP agrees to replace with another photographer or photographers of equal style and standard, or better.

The Client acknowledges that ELP cannot guarantee to maintain cloud archives (or any form of archives) of images, after delivering the images to the Client, for more than one month.

ELP will be the sole and exclusive photography provider for the above-listed event. ELP is responsible for bringing any equipment or assistants necessary to conduct the services outlined in this contract. 


The Client agrees to prevent any other photographers at the event from interfering with ELP photographers' performance of their duties. This clause does not include family and friends photographing parts of the event on their phones or cameras.

ELP will not be held liable for compromised event coverage due to interference from other parties, including late arrivals by members of the wedding party or their guests. Likewise, ELP is not responsible for degraded coverage due to environmental issues, such as poor event lighting, space, or backdrops.


This wedding photography contract serves as a model release. This grants ELP the right to use any images without restriction for advertising and/or portfolios online including Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook. Photos will only be shared online with the bride and groom's consent.


All images photographed on the day of the wedding are and shall remain the sole intellectual property of ELP in accordance with copyright laws. The Client waives any rights to intellectual property ownership, or commercial use of the images. The Client is permitted to make copies from the digital images for their own use and/or share images on social media

The Client agrees not to digitally modify the images provided by ELP.

The above contract has been read and agreed upon by both parties signed below:

Thank you. This contract has been signed and received

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