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Wedding photography! Besides the marriage itself, the photos will be the lasting memory of a very special day. This will be foremost in my mind as I document your wedding.

My day usually starts at the home of the chatan and kallah where I will be photographing the beginning of your story. This session will consist of candid shots while getting ready together with some posed shots - I will be staying well out of the way as opposed to getting in the way!


This session concludes with some casual family arrangements before getting into the car to go to the chupah!


Moving on to the kabbalat panim, photos will include guests greeting the chatan and kallah as well as various interactive photos of guests enjoying themselves at your simcha!

This moment then carries through to the badeken and the chuppah itself, culminating with the celebration of the dancing and the meal! Your simcha will be documented as an unfolding story so that when you sit back, relax and view the fully edited pictures, all the wonderful memories will come flooding back!

Looking forward to hearing from you. Please feel free to be in touch.

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